Alcorn County, MS Colored Marriage Indexes

I have a hardcopy of the index for the Alcorn County, MS Colored marriages from 1866-1870, 1892-1903  and 1913-1921. Email me and I’ll gladly do a lookup for you. It will tell you the person’s name and what page their marriage license is on. With that information, you can write to the county courthouse and obtain a copy of the actual license or record.

Amelia County, VA Slaves

These are slaves who were recorded in a book belonging to Joshua Chaffin, who was sheriff of Amelia County in the early 1800s. There are many families that are able to reconstructed.

Slave Records listed by Joshua Chaffin

Tennessee Inmates from Hardin Cty, 1831-1870

These were copied from the Tennessee State Archives website.

Hardin County TN Inmates

Wayne County, TN Freedmen’s Marriages

Wayne County TN Freedmens Mrgs

These are interesting because they are listed in a book called “Contracts”…no hint at all that some of them are marriage contracts. I also added a column when I attempted to find the couple on the 1870 Wayne County census…I found quite a few. Hope this helps someone!

Hempstead, AR Freedmen Marriages

These are a list of marriages of former slaves I extracted from the Hempstead County, AR Freedmen’s Bureau Records.


Rocky Mount, NC Freedmen’s Bureau Labor Contracts

These are some extracts of labor contracts from the Freedmen’s Bureau that operated in Rocky Mount, NC. Many are likely between former slaves and their former slaveowners.

Freedmens Bureau Rocky Mountc

Hardin County, TN Tax Releasements 1888

These pages were also copied from the Hardin County,TN Court records.


Hardin County, TN County Court Index 1869-1875

This is a scanned PDF document of the alphabetically indexed pages of the Hardin County, TN County Court, Book I, 1869-1875.


If you find someone of interest in the index and want to view the actual entry, you can either visit the Hardin County Courthouse if you’re nearby or the Tennessee State Archives. If you live elsewhere, you can order the microfilm (Film #0980994) from your local Family History Center (FHC) and they will send the roll there for you to view.