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Alcorn County, MS Colored Marriage Indexes

I have a hardcopy of the index for the Alcorn County, MS Colored marriages from 1866-1870, 1892-1903  and 1913-1921. Email me and I’ll gladly do a lookup for you. It will tell you the person’s name and what page their marriage license is on. With that information, you can write to the county courthouse and obtain a copy of the actual license or record.


Wayne County, TN Freedmen’s Marriages

Wayne County TN Freedmens Mrgs

These are interesting because they are listed in a book called “Contracts”…no hint at all that some of them are marriage contracts. I also added a column when I attempted to find the couple on the 1870 Wayne County census…I found quite a few. Hope this helps someone!

Hempstead, AR Freedmen Marriages

These are a list of marriages of former slaves I extracted from the Hempstead County, AR Freedmen’s Bureau Records.